About Us
From its creation Instore Music Solutions has been providing businesses throughout the UK with a credable alternative to paying the PRS/PPL or royalty fees.

Providing quality music without the extra costs involved. Not only do we provide businesses with great music but also give unsigned bands and artists a platform to perform their music from and get them heard to a wider audience they wouldn't normally get from mainstream radio.

All our shows are created using only the best of PRS/PPL fee free music, royalty free music and compiled by our pro Djs who always give artists credits with details of where to buy their music if available.

Instore Music Solutions,
30 Lyme Clough Way,
M24 6TN
or by phone on or 0161 6433266 Mob:07715 294870

Or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it of course

Company No. 08893773

We at Instore Music Solutions do everything in our power to ensure ALL the artists and bands that are played on our station are totally PRS/PPL free.

If any do come to our notice that do not fit our strict NO PRS/PPL fee criteria they will be removed from our playlists immediately.

Please call with any pre-sales questions