Q:Can I play this station in my business and not pay ANY fees?

 A:Yes thats correct

Q:Is all your music royalty free?

 A:Yes  it is

Q:How can I play your music in my shop?

 A: You can use the player at the top of this page or go to this link or use the Vradio APP on your mobile phone or use the radio player below

Q: Can I advertise on your station?

 A:Yes you can, please use the contact form to discuss your requirements

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We provide PRS and PPL Royalty free music for use in UK businesses where you get great music at no cost, all our artists have opted out of the PRS/PPL collection agencies and so there are no fees for you to pay, just click on the website player or use one of the many other options listed in the FaQs.

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